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Let's face it, if we want to hit a golf ball reasonably consistently, we have to come up with methods of taking the head of the club away from the ball then returning it to the same position, this time at speed.

Posture and alignment are two very important ingredients in the success - or failure - of a golf swing. Posture enables us to return the club head to its starting place while alignment helps us to hit the ball in the direction in which we want to go. It sounds so easy, doesn't it?

But all too many of us step up to the tee, get roughly comfortable then give it a huge swipe without checking a few basic things which could improve the end result. If your posture is wrong, you're likely to top the ball or catch it 'fat', while if your shoulders are pointing in one direction, your feet in another and your hips somewhere else you've got no chance of finding the fairway.


The main aim is to take the pressure off your back and allow the spine angle to stay the same through the swing. Head movement up and down in a back swing is very destructive. Side to side is not as important as it just shows that your weight is transferring.

To get the correct posture, stand upright with a golf club held behind you (1). The grip should be at the base of your spine and the blade vertically above your head. Now do not bend at the waist, simply tilt your spine forward from the hips (2). Then bring the club down and let your arms fall naturally down in front of you while holding the club (3).

This position should allow you to swing the golf club back then return the blade to the spot at which it started.


To get your alignment right when you're on the range, take two golf clubs or two canes and lay them parallel but pointing at your target. Then use an object to give yourself a target line just in front of the tee such as a rubber tee peg or similar small object (4).

Out on the course you may have to utilize a broken tee peg or a divot to give you your line. Off the fairway or in the rough you will have to use something else but getting a target line is vital.

Take up your position and check your posture, making sure you are also square with the target line - your feet, your hips and your shoulders.

Take up your position and check your posture, making sure you are also square with the target line - your feet, your hips and your shoulders. Align the clubface first, then set the feet and body, and finally swivel your neck sideways to look down the line (5).

Do not look up or over your shoulder. You are simply checking your alignment to the target line, not trying to find the target itself.

Next time, we'll look at hitting some balls!

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