Why You Should get fitted for golf clubs

All golfers can benefit from using the right kind of equipment for their specific game. Golf is enjoyable, but can be hard at times, and there’s no sense in making things more difficult by playing clubs that are not right for you.

A collection of golf club shafts and heads.

Your Swing is Unquie

Our aim is to ensure that every area of your bag performs consistently to provide you with the ability to make confident shot making decisions and peace of mind.

As an Advanced Fitting Centre for Titleist and Ping we carry extensive fitting equipment with a huge array of heads and shafts of virtually all models.

We are passionate about getting the right equipment for your game regardless of your ability. You will get to see exactly how your clubs could improve your game before thay are hand built for you.

If you'd like to book an appointment for custom fitting please contact us on:

0116 275 0549

Flightscope System

We use the latest FlightScope technology in out Custom Fitting Centre which is the World's 1st 3D radar ball tracker, capable of measuring full swing & ball flight data.

Before your custom club fitting starts our fitter will discuss your requirements, such as improved accuracy, more distance, different trajectory, consistent ball striking etc.

We never rely on indoor or predicted measurements when it comes to club fitting, because your game is too important for second best!

Benefits of Custom Fitting

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Increased Distance
  • Better Control
  • More Confidence
The Club fitting Process

Four steps to better golf

Your Ideal Shaft

The right shaft can optimise your distance, ball flight trajectory and improve accuracy.

The Club Head

Recommendations are made by our fitter, however, the ultimate choice will be down to you.

Lie and Length

Critical to ensure consistent ball striking and to minimise your off target dispersion.

Choice of Grip

Having the correct grip size and compound for feel and comfort will help you hit straighter shots.


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